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Review: “Fuel” Release Party

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

Celebrating its national theatrical release, the Sundance award-winning film Fuel held its party and screening at the most appropriate place for its topic, but at a location you don’t normally see celebrities and paparazzi: a gas station.

Specifically, the only bio-diesel gas station in Los Angeles, Conserv Fuel in Brentwood at San Vicente and Barrington Ave. The entire affair — film and TV stars posing with the ultra-cool Tesla electric car, an open bar of organic wines and beers, eco-cups glasses, and chairs lined up under heat lamps between gas pumps — it was a fitting celebration not just for Josh Tickell’s landmark film, but for the same gas station which only months ago had decided to stop selling bio-diesel fuel, until loyal customers voiced their strong support. Not one year before, Barack Obama stood at that gas station and lavished praised upon the green entrepreneurial owner.

The station’s struggle is an apt symbol for Tickell’s documentary, a sprawling epic that follows Tickell through his quest to spread the message of bio-diesel’s promise over 11 years, along with his humbling setbacks. Fuel features appearances from an endless parade of recognizable faces and knowledgeable guests, including luminaries I would love to be able to interview such as Naomi Klein and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Read More »

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